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Give As You Earn

Are you interested in donating regularly to the PATT Foundation? With Give As You Earn (GAYE), you can donate any amount you wish and it will be deducted from your paycheck before tax! That means we get more money than it costs you to donate – we’ll receive some of the tax that you normally pay to HMRC. See the table below for an example:

PATT Receives Actual Cost to You
Lower Tax Rate (20%) Higher Tax Rate (40%)
£1.00 £0.80 £0.60
£3.00 £2.40 £1.80
£6.00 £4.80 £3.60
£9.00 £7.20 £5.40
£12.00 £9.60 £7.20
£20.00 £16.00 £12.00

Show your commitment to combatting climate change by allowing us to continue our long-term tree planting and care in deforested sites across Thailand. It costs PATT £6 for every tree we plant and nurture, so your donations, big or small, really do make a difference. Help us smash our goal of 1 Million trees and ensure we have a healthy planet and climate to live in.

Monthly donation suggestions:

£1 = 2 Trees per Year

£3 = 6 Trees per Year

£6 = 12 Trees per Year

£9 = 18 Trees per Year

£12 = 24 Trees per Year

£20 = 40 Trees per Year (recommended to offset carbon for a family of four)

Or, choose your own monthly amount.

As well as planting trees on your behalf, you’ll also receive PATT Membership (including first access to our magazine), certification of your support to PATT and the option to appear in the ‘PATT Family’ section of our next magazine.

Setting up GAYE

We are setup to receive GAYE donations with the Charities Aid Foundation (CAF). See our profile here. Here’s how you can start giving monthly:

  1. Talk to your employer and ask them to setup an account with CAF (if they haven’t already). Many companies allow their employees to do such schemes and it’s fairly easy for them to setup. See here.
  2. Setup your own individual account on CAF for greater control of your donations, or instruct your employer on where you wish to donate to. See here.

Once registered with CAF you can choose the amount you’d like to donate each month and pick the PATT Foundation as your beneficiaries. Bingo! Now you can put your feet up and relax, knowing you are providing vital long-term support to our reforestation efforts in Thailand. We’ll let you know when we start to plant your trees and even send you pictures and maps so you can see your positive environmental impact.