Local Company committed to plant 200,000 trees in Hull

Staff from the William Jackson Food Group, Group Office and bakery, Jacksons, joined together to volunteer to plant over 5,000 trees in our Hull area during February 2019.

The workers volunteered over three days in Bransholme, Hull, East Yorkshire, and were joined by Christopher and Angus Oughtred, great great grandsons of our founder William Jackson. 

The trees planted will contribute towards the target of planting 200,000 trees in and around Hull by their 200th anniversary in 2051.

Once again PATT Founder, Andy Steel was on the ground and helping put a few trees in the ground at the local site in Hull which was coordinated by TCV, HEYwoods and the local council.

WM Jackson staff tree planting in Hull

Credit: WM Jackson Food Group https://bit.ly/2VLfBcn

Tim Bleckley explaining how to plant a tree

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