March 13th, 2018



A new fundraising platform with a difference has been launched to direct funds to prominent projects in the conservation arena.

Andrew Steel initially formed the PATT Foundation in 2005 with a mission to react to problems caused by the massive and increasing levels of deforestation worldwide. In essence it was an entity that aimed to put the trees back and over the last decade it has achieved a degree of success planting nearly 1 million trees across Asia and enlightening over 10,000 children via its environmental education program and nursery in Khao Yai, Thailand.

Along the way the foundation has worked with some significant major blue chip companies around the world that include the likes of; Standard Chartered Bank, FedEx, Crown Worldwide Group, Mercedes Benz, Delacon, Merck, Raimon Land PLC and Pepsico.
In 2017 the charity declared a change in strategy to encompass a wider broader reach that would see them partner with 9243887 Canada Inc. to establish a new fundraising platform utilizing account based marketing servers and artificial intelligence (AI) in the fundraising market.

“The benefits of the platform will allow the project coordinators to focus on the task in hand rather than worrying about sourcing the much needed funding to launch or continue their projects in the wildlife conservation field” stated Andrew Steel, CEO of the PATT Foundation.

The Conservation community will initially focus on a handful of selected projects including Hornbill reintroduction in Thailand, Forest Ranger training in Myanmar and Sumatra as well as Orangutan conservation in Indonesia before branching out into other jurisdictions. Steel added, “The platform would differ from other crowdfunding systems in the market in that it will conduct strict due diligence and Know Your Client (KYC) procedures before allowing projects to be featured inside the Conservation Community platform and audits would be conducted to ensure funds were utilized correctly.”

The Conservation Community has been established to:

Provide much needed financial assistance to conservation projects and communities and ensure funds are utilized correctly.
Ensure that projects can be accomplished removing the worry about where the funding will come from.
Educate the public on the projects that are striving so hard to protect our planet

Top 3 features:

Connect like minded people on one single platform
Provide a fundraising platform that allows the community itself to get directly involved in each project, allowing people from remote locations to interact and support the cause that is dear to their hearts
Support project developers in attaining their goals

About the PATT Foundation:

PATT was formed in 2005 with a mission to react to problems caused by the massive and increasing levels of deforestation worldwide, raise awareness and educate children about environmental issues and the role forests play in our daily lives, take action against climate change, and to PLANT MORE TREES. PATT is a UK registered charity.

For further information, please contact:

Andrew Steel
PATT Foundation

conservation community logo.

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