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Our Focus

Plant a Tree Today (PATT) Foundation works to raise awareness of global environmental issues, campaign for better environmental practices and take action against deforestation and climate change by planting trees.

Our work aims to:

  • campaign for better environmental practices
  • take action against climate change
  • implement tree planting projects as well as provide funding for partner planting projects
  • set up school tree nurseries and provide environmental education
  • fund community development projects in rural communities centered on tree planting and reforestation
  • provide environmental consultancy services

PATT was founded in 2005 and is a UK Registered Charity and Thai Foundation. PATT has operational offices in Bangkok, Thailand and the United Kingdom with representatives in India.

Our Beliefs

The following points provide the framework for our work:

  • We believe that by creating the right partnerships we can implement valuable initiatives on the ground that make a concrete difference to the environment, livelihoods and the environmental education of children.
  • We recognise that children represent the future of our planet and educating them on the environment is therefore critical to building a better future.
  • Trees have the power to change lives. Planting the right trees in the right projects can bring economic sustainability to poor rural communities, as well as provide significant environmental benefits.
  • Climate change is the biggest challenge facing our world. It is critical to raise awareness of this issue, provide education around it, and encourage individuals and businesses to take action on it.

2009 winner of the United Nations SEED Award for Entrepreneurship in Sustainable Environmental and Social Development