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10 Interesting facts about global warming

This theme is something what divides opinions either it is the biggest problem the Earth is facing now or whether it is the biggest lie of all times. No matter on which site we are at we can not ignore the fact that the Earth is becoming harsher and harsher not only climate, temperatures but the water levels are rising.

Some of the facts I will present are happening right now and some are very scary.

1.) Loss of biodiversity

With every tree cut down we lose countless species of animals and plants. If the rate of global warming will be moving at this rate we will end up loosing million species. If we take polar bears for example in the past they were heavier, less hungry and much bigger than they are now.


2.) Natural disasters

Natural disaster is an effect of earth´s natural hazards – floods, tornado, hurricane, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, heatwaves, landslides…. They can lead to massive financial, environmental or human losses.


3.) Disappearance of Great Barrier Reef

This is the largest coral reef system which can be seen from outer space. Increasing ocean temperatures bleach the coral reefs. Mass coral bleaching events due to elevated ocean temperatures occurred in the summers of 1998, 2002 and 2006, and coral bleaching is expected to become an annual occurrence.


4.) Global warming creates opposites

Global warming turns some areas of the earth hotter or drier while others are turned the opposite direction wetter and colder. Global warming creates opposites in the nature – on one side Amazon rain forest is turning into desert and Sahara is becoming greener and greener.


5.) Disappearance of islands

With the glaciers melting and the ocean levels raising some of the islands will disappear. But some popular cities will be lost as well, such as London, New York, submerge 2,100 Indonesian islands, flat and low countries. Some of most beautiful beaches will be lost as well.


6.) Lambs

It is not only polar bears who became smaller and lighter it is also animals which serve directly to us – Scottish lambs.


7.) The ships will be able to sail along the Northwest passage

This passage over North America was passable 100 years ago but melting Arctic ice from global warming will make it passable again.


8.) People

With the changing face of the Earth people will have to move to in order to survive. If the ocean rises by one yard will force 1,000,000 people to move. The scientists predict that the ocean by 2100 will rise by 1 yard.


9.) Rise of sea level

Sea levels will rise by 20 feet if Greenland or West Antarctic Ice Sheets melt and by 40 feet if both melt. This will change the maps as we know them today.


10.) Temperatures

Every day 70 million tons of carbon dioxide are released into the atmosphere. The warmest years on record have been in the past 10 out of 12 years. The 10 hottest years were between 1997 and 2008.