"Happy February with full of love and to celebrate Chinese New Year!! "

10 Steps to Combat Climate Change


1- LEAVE your car at home. CAR POOL, WALK, CYCLE or take PUBLIC transportation.


2- TURN UP your A/C. 26°C is a good inside temperature for a city like Bangkok. Keep a difference of maximum 8°C between the outside and inside temperature.


3- UNPLUG stereos, radios, TVs and all other electronic appliances when not in use.


4- TURN UP your refrigerator temperature 2ºC.


5-  RUN your washing machine and dishwater only when they are full.


6-    BUY locally produced products with less packaging and reduce the amount of energy required for transportation.


7-    RECYCLE. USE less paper and BUY paper 100% post consumer recycled. ONLY PRINT OUT the documents you really need and PRINT on both sides.


8-   REPLACE standard light bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs and save 70% of the electricity used.


9-    TURN lights OFF when not in use.


10-  PLANT TREES. Trees suck up CO2 and make clean air for us to breathe. SUPPORT organizations that are planting trees, conserve primary forests and protect wildlife resources.