"Happy February with full of love and to celebrate Chinese New Year!! "

1st Day of Planting

On 8th January 2010 PATT Foundation, SAGE Foundation, ISHA Foundation, Standard Chartered Bank and Police force, Women’s Wing, and Avadi came together to facilitate inauguration of another tree plantation project. The location was Tamilnadu Special Force Camp, Division -5, Women’s Wing, Avadi, Chennai and the project commenced around 4:00 pm.

It was a perfect day for the plantation. There was a brief drizzle in the morning and the evening was cool and pleasant. The day started with a brief talk by Vinod Hari on the importance of tree plantation and insights into tree plantation. It was followed by the rest of the speakers who appreciated the participation of volunteers in good numbers. Sriram Vaidheeswaran from Scope appreciated the efforts by PATT, SAGE and ISHA for bringing this project together and especially thanked Standard Chartered Bank for funding the noble cause.

To help with the plantation, 90 volunteers from Scope international (P) Ltd. and 40 trainee police cadets showed up and managed to plant 350 trees within a span of just one hour. Before the actual kickoff the volunteers were shown the right method to plant a sapling to increase survival rate of the saplings. The pits were pre-dug to assist the volunteers with the plantation. The volunteers were very enthusiastic while planting the trees and once the plantation was over they showed interest in future participation. Another 1150 trees would be planted on the same site over the next several days.

Similarly, 1000 saplings would be planted in 3 other locations throughout Chennai and the plantation would be fully completed within the next 20 days. The interested volunteers would be invited for the plantation. This will help in spreading the message and will act as a good way to unwind, especially for the bank staff.