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7 billion dreams for the World Environment Day

Location: Khao Yai, Thailand
Date: 5th June 2015
No. of trees planted: 700 Trees

All of us, 7 billion people, share only one planet. This is our only home, so we have to take good care of it. Without caring and giving something back to our environment, there will be no future, especially for our children. And kids have dreams, they want to become teachers, doctors, firefighters, and news reporters among others – we must help them make these dreams come true by saving our environment. For this reason PATT planted 700 trees on the World Environment Day for all 7 billion dreams on this planet.

PATT staff gathered in Khao Yai nursery on the early morning of June 5th. But task at hand was more than we could handle so we called in a very special help. Small pick-up truck drove up to our nursery carrying 20 kids from the local Thai Bansubtai School. All of them wanted to help to make their home greener place, and to preserve forests for the next generation, so that also their kids will be able to climb trees and swing on monkey ladders. After a quick snack our little help was eager to start planting trees. But first we all had to pot the seedlings of the local Bastard Poon (Sterculia pexa). Each one potted 2 or 3 little trees and dedicated it to our beautiful planet. During this time kids also learnt some basic English words concerning trees, while our PATT member from Slovenia learnt the Thai words. But we won’t disclose who was more successful.

Planting trees took place on a steep terrain, but this was no problem for the agile local kids. The competition developed who will be able to plant more trees. PATT staff soon realized that kids are far faster at this task. There are really no better helpers that we could wish for. Before we could even take enough photos for our generous green donors of their planted trees, the work was finished, and kids started playing with the monkey ladders and running around. We couldn’t believe how much energy they have. We are really extremely happy for having Bansubtai students planting trees with us, without them we wouldn’t be able to plant all these trees.

After all this hard work it was time to have a tasty light lunch before we waved goodbye to this incredible kids. This was really special World Environment Day. We are deeply grateful to all our donors who made this possible. Special thanks to the Master Shift, Xyleia, Ytsara and SafePrints for planting trees with us! These wouldn’t be possible also without dedicated individuals – huge hugs to Mark Blackburn, to the supporters of our Plant It Forward campaign, and to our PATT members. Some special trees were also planted in the memory of the late James F. Maxwell, who dedicated all his life to studying forests and teaching students about them here in Thailand. We can really achieve remarkable things when we get together and do something good for our environment.

Kids did their best to plant as many trees as they could, but we still needed to plant 400 trees to achieve our 700 trees goal. We returned to Khao Yai on the 30th June, and stopped the van with PATT’s nursery staff in front of the very special house sitting almost in the middle of the forest. This was the station of the Khao Yai national park rangers. They know the Khao Yai forest like their own backyard, and they are the ones who keep the wildlife protected from the poachers. At PATT we felt really honored that they joined us tree planting on that day.

Near their station rangers showed us wild elephants dung indicating that the elephants really reside in this area. We immediately knew that this is the right area that needs to be reforested to provide proper home for the elephants. But not just for elephants – we also discovered many ant and termite nests as well as trees with edible wild fruits – and all of them need the protection in order to ensure a healthy forest ecosystem.

PATT staff and park rangers, all used to hard work in the forest, had 400 trees planted in no time. Their green work was rewarded with a generous lunch made by the local people. But rest was short as forest work never waits for you. At PATT Foundation we are really grateful to be able to work side by side with Khao Yai national park rangers – hopefully together we can save Thailand’s rainforests and their amazing wildlife!

See more photos here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/126765567@N06/sets/72157654155981656

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