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A trip to remember and enjoy tree planting in Phrapadaeng

Location: Paked Urban Forest Park, Phra Padaeng, Thailand
Date: 20th January 2016
No. of trees planted: 100 Trees

The 100 young warriors from Modern International School Bangkok were marching in to Paked Urban Forest with pride and excitement to plant trees with PATT.

We started the day by dividing them to 3 group with the first group walking along the trail, the second group went to pot the Shoe-button, Pong Pong, Indian Oak, and Chili, whereas the third group went to plant trees which were Red mangrove, River teak, Shoe-button and Mangrove Apple. Then we swopped the group for 2 more rounds. The students were enjoyed walking along the trail and asked many questions regarding the trees that they like.

The students were enjoyed walking along the bamboo bridges and feeling the mud while planting trees and enjoyed their time out in the field which learning by doing wa the best. Later on, they enjoyed lunch before departed back to school to end the lively day.

In the next year, the next batch of MISB students would come back to visit us again and plant more trees.

Hugh thanks to the teachers to make these happened brilliantly and also all students who made the tree planting filled with laughs and smiles!

See more photos here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/126765567@N06/albums/72157664244871672

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