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Amazing Fact About The Earth Number 2

Position of Earth in the Universe

Earth is our home and is situated as the third “rock” from the Sun. In the past it was believed to be the center of the Universe and that it consisted only of the visible, with naked eyes, planets and fixed stars. In the 17th century a Heliocentric model was accepted which stated that the Earth goes around the Sun. In the 20th century it because known that planet was part of a galaxy called Milky Way which was one of many. More studies and revelations became known in the 21st century. Since there is believed to be no “center” or “edge” of the universe, there is no particular reference point with which to plot the overall location of the Earth in the universe.

Even with all this facts Earth is the only known planet which is known to support an atmosphere with free oxygen, oceans of liquid water on the surface and LIFE.