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Amazing Fact About The Earth Number 3-2

Today we will continue with one more amazing fact about the Earth. Would you say that the Earth has a waistline? If you said yes than you are correct.

Earth and its waistline

We all know that the Earth has equator and certain weight. But recently the scientists found out that the Earth gained weight and its average radius was reduced by 585 kilometers. The Earth’s gravity field has bulged more in the middle in the past four years and scientists suspect that the same is true for the planet itself.

The weight gain can be contributed to glacial melt and shifting ocean mass. Chris Cox and B.F. Chao are two researcher who have been observing and measuring the changes. Much of the knowledge about Earth’s gravity field has emerged only in the past 30 to 40 years, with the measurements made possible by satellites. Over the years the quality of data has improved much since more computers and satellites are making the measurements. The measurements Cox and Chao analyzed are done by 9 satellites.

The Earth has not perfect sphere shape but is more of a pumpkin shape making it wider around the equator than the poles. Over the years this shape has gradually shifted. Good news for humanity is that neither rising global sea levels nor faster glacial ice melting could produce such a sharp change in the gravity field measurements. Something else is moving mass from the high latitudes to the low latitudes nearer the Equator, causing Earth´s waistline to expand.

Researchers are looking at changes in ocean circulation as one possible explanation for the changes.

The beginning of the shift coincides with the arrival of the strongest El Nino event of the century in 1997 and 1998.