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Amazing Fact About The Earth Number 4

Earth Movements


We might think that we are standing on solid and not moving ground. The part about not moving ground is not true, the Earth is moving and it is pretty fast. The closer you are to the Equator the faster the Earth moves making the people at either of the poles perfectly still.


The Earth rotates around the Sun and around its own axis the move around the axis is counter-clockwise. If we look at the movement on the tilted axis that creates seasons. The rotating movement creates day and night.

This are not all the movements the Earth makes, it moves within itself as well. This movement happens in the tectonic plates. The Earth can be broke up into 7 main plates (African, Antarctic, Eurasian, Indo- Australian, North American, Pacific and South American Plate), 8 secondary plates (Arabian, Caribbean, Cocos, Indian, Juan de Fuca, Nazca, Philippine Sea and Scotia Plate) and 60 tertiary plates. The movements of this plates creates frictions which cause earthquakes.