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Become more environmentally friendly and offset your carbon footprint


Growing numbers of celebrities are becoming environmentally conscious and trying to make good deeds for their jet setting lifestyle, by offsetting the carbon they created during their flights.

The names which are trying to offset their footprints are; Leonardo DiCaprio, Orlando Bloom, The Rolling Stones, Miranda Kerr and The Barenaked Ladies. It’s not just celebrities who are trying to reduce their environmental impact, major events such as the World Cup are also working towards this.

Airlines give their customers the opportunity to offset their flight where for example a flight from London to Bangkok creates 3,748 tons of CO2 and in order to offset this flight you will need to plant 3 trees. The price to plant 3 trees would be 360 Bath which is less than € 10 … the other benefit of planting trees with PATT – is you’re giving work to the local people while helping the environment.

Movie studios and TV channels are offsetting emissions associated with their broadcasts, countries such as, Iceland, New Zealand, Norway, and Costa Rica are trying to go carbon neutral.

With Earth Hour 2012 approaching now is the best time – to do something for the environment and not only one day a year but why not the whole year?


Miranda Kerr as the new ambassador for Earth Hour posted a challenge on youtube regarding the Earth Hour are you willing to take it and make one yourself? Follow the link below: