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Berkeley Students Become True Forest Rangers In Khao Yai National Park

Location: Khao Yai National Park, Thailand
Date: 25th -26th March 2015
No. of trees planted: 100 Trees

On Wednesday, the 25th of March, 18 students and 3 teachers from Berkeley International School, Bangkok, arrived to PATT Nursery in Khao Yai. But this was no ordinary tree-planting trip. This time students were greeted by a former Khao Yai forest ranger as a part of our exciting Forest Eco-Survivor Programme.

To begin with, students were introduced to the equipment needed to survive in a forest. This was quite overwhelming for many of them who have grown up in the big concrete jungle of Bangkok. A machete, key to survival in the forests, revealed to them that this time their skills would be thoroughly tested. The first task given to the students was to set up a tent. Students worked together as a true team and those with more experience showed the others what to do. The tent was set up in a record time. Now that the bare basics of survival were covered, it was time to test them in the forest. The forest ranger took the students through a short hike in the Khao Yai National Park. On the way they got acquainted with numerous plant and animal species, from vines filled with drinking water to edible fig fruits. Finally, the hike ended in the dry river creek where the students got a well-deserved break.

In order to survive in the forest, you have to eat to keep your strength. Students were taught how to make and tend a fire, and cook their own rice and noodles. Forest lunch was a one-of-a-kind experience and students were extremely proud of their cooking. And deservedly so! With renewed strength it was time to head out of the forest and prepare for a bonfire dinner.

The next day there was no time for rest. Students and teachers eagerly engaged in sowing seeds and potting the little trees of the Burmese Rosewood, which they dedicated to all their loved ones. This was followed by the hardest and most important part – planting the trees in the degraded patch of a nearby forest. Getting there was no easy task as the terrain was extremely steep. But for former students, now forest rangers, this was a welcomed challenge. Without complaining they got their hands dirty and quite masterfully planted 100 trees.

Hopefully, the Forest Survivor Programme will inspire these new young forest rangers to return to the forest and keep exploring it, and finally contribute even more to helping our planet battle climate change. The PATT Foundation is extremely proud of the enthusiasm and skills of the Berkeley students!

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