"Happy February with full of love and to celebrate Chinese New Year!! "

British Women´s Group visits our nursery in Khao Yai

On 31st May the British Women’s Group took a trip to Khao Yai National Park to visit the our tree nursery. The morning started with a coffee and catch-up before hitting the road. It took a long while to get out of Bangkok but we finally arrived at the PATT Nursery around 11.30am.

The activity started with a brief introduction to PATT and its objectives and then the BWG Chairman presented a very kind donation to PATT. K. Kwan then introduced the seedlings we would be planting and then we started to plant some seed’s in the seed trays provided and continued by pricking out saplings and dedicating them to somebody special. The saplings will now grow in the nursery for around 6 months before being planted in the forest.
Before heading into the National Park to actually plant the trees, we walked from the nursery to eat a scrumptious lunch at the Cabbages and Condoms restaurant.


At the planting site, we planted a total of 200 trees all of which had grown in the PATT nursery. PATT uses a methodology called framework species, whereby around 20 native species are planted in one particular area of the forest, which after 6 years of being in the ground actually restore the forest through mitigation and biodiversity as it would be after 30 years if it was left solely to the natural environment. This method was scientifically proven in a joint research project with PATT, Chiang Mai University and FORRU.


After successfully planting the tree’s, we took a slow walk back to the PATT nursery to wash our hands and get back on the bus before heading for a yummy ice-cream at the Dairy Farm in Sap Tai area. After our refreshing and exotic ice-creams we then started the drive back to Bangkok. Some of the ladies told me that it was one of their best days in Thailand so far. I trust that everyone enjoyed themselves and would love to invite you to come and support and help us again.


Thank you once again for your kind support and time to visit our project!