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CH2M Team offset their carbon emissions

It is ever so exciting when organisations collaborate to act sustainably. Moreover, when they work hard on a Saturday, you know they really care, we are grateful to all the activists at CH2M who chose to make a difference, with us.

The CH2M Dubai team created a positive impact on 7th November 2015. They headed out to the serene reserve in Jebel Ali to plant 1000 mangroves with us. This included the higher management, staff, their families and our favourite- their kids. A group of 60 volunteered to dip their feet in the silty water, fold their sleeves up and get to work. With the weather getting better in the UAE, this task was easier achievable.

The mangrove species planted was the highly salt tolerant local grey mangrove or Avicennia Marina. The UAE has a high consumption of fresh water and we need to focus on ways to conserve water. Mangroves survive in water 100 times saltier than most plants can tolerate. Therefore, we do not need to provide fresh water or irrigation for Mangroves, but rather the natural sea water is sufficient. Mangroves are known to contribute to the overall health of the coastal area, acting as a basis of a complex marine food chain and moreover the creation of a breeding habitat. Amongst other benefits, they filter and assimilate pollutants from upland run-off and are amongst the most productive and biologically complex ecosystems.

Most of us enjoy taking a break from our busy city lives here in the UAE, this is a great opportunity to offset our carbon emissions. Partnering with EMEG we have a mission to help to avoid the devastating effects of climate change and we look forward to reforesting more areas in the UAE. We are extremely grateful for the support from CH2M and team!

See more photos here: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10153712278238703.1073741843.25471453702&type=3

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