"Happy February with full of love and to celebrate Chinese New Year!! "

Citi Bank on 200th Anniversary goes green

In the morning on Saturday on 16. 6. 2012 the day of 200th Anniversary of establishment of the CitiBank. We meet up at 10a.m. but because sometimes the maps are not very detailed some of the participants got lost which postponed the event until 11 a.m.


Once everybody gathered we took many promotional pictures and it was really interesting since the PR team and the photographers had to balance on top of a car in order to get all the participants in the loop. This was one of the biggest events PATT had hosted in Khao Yai this year with more than 250 participants.

Because there were quite few of us it only took 1 hour to plant all the 2000 trees. We hope that everybody enjoyed themselves.


The terrain was little bit difficult to maneuver but everybody enjoyed the opportunity to get out of the everyday life in the office and do something for the environment and get their hands dirty with the soil.

CitiBank supports the economic empowerment and financial inclusion of low-to moderate-income people in communities where Citi operates.