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Climb For Change Team Reach The Top!

Location: Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania
Date: July 30th – August 5th 2014
Money Raised: £12,000

PATT CEO and founder Dr. Andrew Steel, renowned biologist and conservationist Dr. Ian Redmond OBE FZL FLS, orangutan conservationist Dr. Ian Singleton and award-winning 18-year-old filmmaker and environmentalist Abbie Barnes have completed the intense 7-day climb of Mount Kilimanjaro. The climb was organised by Andy Steel to simultaneously raise climate awareness and directly tackle the problem – by raising funds for the PATT Foundation to plant trees in Thailand to restore degraded forests.

Passionate about climbing Kilimanjaro from the beginning, Andy Steel reveled in the incredible sights that the team experienced throughout the trek, different types of vegetation including grassland, forest, alpine desert and the snow filled summit, which kept the team motivated over the seven days of climbing. The varieties of wildlife reminded them exactly why they took part in the challenge – to raise awareness of climate change and to bring about greater environmental education. Steel said, “This was one of the most challenging things I have ever done but so worthwhile, in less than a decade there will be no snow on the peak so what better way to showcase this ongoing global phenomenon and to raise awareness of the issue than to document it for all to see.”

The PATT founder admitted how physically tough the expedition was, with a lack of sleep, difficult terrain and changing altitude all taking their toll. During the fourth day nearing the completion of the steep climb to Mawenzi Tarn, fellow climber Ian

Redmond realised that he had forgotten his camera trap back at the previous camp. Andy bravely offered to run back the distance with Ian that they had climbed to retrieve the missing camera trap adding extra distance to the already arduous trek.

During the journey, Andy was able was able to speak to local communities affected by climate change – farmers described their distress caused by reduced water from streams that had run dry.

On day five, the team prepared to reach the summit. Leaving the camp at midnight they trekked through the early hours of the morning to reach the peak in time for sunrise. Elated to have reached the top of Kilimanjaro, the purpose of the expedition was in mind – to raise awareness of climate change and the importance of environmental education for children to change the future.

Andy experienced particular upset during the climb down the mountain – a knee injury along with minor sun stroke made the descent through the alpine desert to Horombo Camp particularly demanding.

A 3-part documentary of their incredible journey show the highs and lows of the Kilimanjaro climb as well as the effects of climate change, raising the poignant issue that climate change affects the whole planet not just one location. The trailer can be viewed here: PATT – Climb for Change 2014 – Trailer

Since completing the Kilimanjaro climb many people have come forward and would like to take on the challenge of climbing Kilimanjaro in 2015. Applications are being accepted for next year, for more information please contact The PATT Foundation at info@archive.pattfoundation.org. Individuals can participate in the climb with a group of environmentally conscious people, or help by making a donation towards PATT’s cause. We are currently looking for individuals as well as corporate sponsors to help raise funds for our cause.