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Climb for Change 2014


Climb to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro before the ice melts and raise awareness of climate change!

Planned for July 2014, Plant a Tree Today (PATT) Foundation is organizing a climb to the Uhuru summit of Mount Kilimanjaro in order to showcase the effects of climate change on our natural wonders. Following the Macheme Route, the climb will take 7 days to complete.

Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania is losing its ice cover at an alarming rate. It is estimated that all the snow covering the top will disappear by 2020 – that is only 6 years away. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to view and explore the fourth tallest peak in the world, and the world’s largest free standing mountain before its ice cover disappears forever.

Individuals can sign up to participate in the climb with a group of environmentally conscious people, or help by making a donation towards PATT’s cause. We are currently looking for participating individuals as well as corporate sponsors to help raise funds for our cause.

Raising money for PATT will help contribute to our effort of combating climate change by reforesting sites which are in need. Mount Kilimanjaro has fast become an example of how global climate change is affecting cultural heritage sites. PATT aims to continue our campaign in environmental education and reforestation in order to halt these changes, and take action.

Do you want to tackle the challenge? E-mail climbforchange@archive.pattfoundation.org today to get access to our online reservation form. After submitting a non-refundable registration fee through PayPal or World Pay, you will receive detailed instructions on how to join our existing fundraising platforms, facts and tips on fundraising as well as more FAQs to help guide you along with the process.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/PATTclimb

Twitter: www.twitter.com/PATT_Foundation

Website: www.pattfoundation.org/climbforchange

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