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Location: Khao Yai, Thailand
Date: 23rd September 2015
No. of trees planted (to date): 14,487 Trees

Dark clouds were gathering above Bangkok and rain soon followed, but this didn’t stop today’s CROWN warriors to head up to the Khao Yai National Park to restore a part of its forest. Forty CROWN’s employees gathered at PATT’s tree nursery and they were more than ready to lend their hands and help plant 200 trees.

CROWN Worldwide Group in Thailand has been offsetting its carbon footprint and supporting PATT Foundation already since 2011. We could say that till 2015 they managed to plant a whole forest of 14,487 trees. These trees are now home to the amazing wildlife including the wild elephants. Their forest also provides food to the local community and protects their watershed. Beside all these amazing things their trees will be also able to store around 12,000 tons of carbon dioxide over 40 years – just imagine what great contribution this is to the fight against climate change!

This year is especially important for CROWN as they are celebrating their 50th Anniversary and what a better way to celebrate this occasion than with planting 1,735 more trees. Besides giving back to our nature, they also decided to give something back to the local Sap Tai community that takes care of this nature – for more about this keep reading.

Before actual tree planting it was time to learn a bit more about the trees. CROWN employees tried themselves at tree nursery activities, which included pricking out, where tree seedlings were transferred from the germination trays into the potting containers that allow them to grow to the necessary planting size. After this planting warm-up it was time to head out to the edge of the forest and plants all 200 trees. Way there was long and steep and the humid heat definitely didn’t make the task easier. Also tree planting itself was challenging as tree planters had to give special care and firmly plant their seedling so that the next rain won’t wash them down the hill.

Their hard work was rewarded with a delicious lunch after which everyone was ready to do more good. On the way back to Bangkok they stopped at the local Ban SapTai Pre-School and surprised teachers there with a generous donation, which will also help build a new fence around the kindergarten to protect the kids from wandering to the street. At PATT Foundation we are really proud to have such a special supporter – thank you for helping our environment and children!

See more photos here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/126765567@N06/albums/72157659127356876

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