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CROWN Worldwide Reduce Carbon Footprint

A GLOBAL leader in mobility, relocation services, information management and high value logistics is setting a green precedent for the industry. The Crown Worldwide Group has announced further plans to offset carbon emissions in partnership with the PATT Foundation.

Steve Slade, Quality Manager for Crown Worldwide Group UK & Ireland, said: “Crown has an on-going commitment to do something proactive about climate change and become a more environmentally responsible business. “We are delighted to continue to support the PATT Foundation, which is a great initiative tackling climate change, while funding community development projects in Asia.”

Crown is attempting to offset nearly 3,000 tons of CO2 from its UK and Ireland business in 2010 to help combat climate change. The offsets will be made by planting of up to 5,000 trees as part of a project in Thailand. The Group has also previously offset over 1,800 tons of carbon through the Foundation. The new joint project will also benefit rural Thai communities, as money is earned by the villagers in exchange for planting, protecting and maintaining the trees. This will provide ongoing benefits for villagers, both now and for future generations.

PATT UK and European Country Manager, Debra Coombs, said she was delighted to be working with Crown Worldwide Group. “We need global organisations like Crown to step forward and demonstrate a real commitment in tackling climate change,” she said. “What moved PATT was the real interest Crown and its employees have also shown around our projects impacting on poor communities where we plant the trees. “We are looking forward to developing this fantastic partnership – and demonstrating our joint commitment in the UN Year of the International Forest.”

For more information about Crown Worldwide Group, please visit Crown Worldwide. To make a donation or to help fundraise for PATT, please email or visit our website for further details.