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DELACON gives back to society and nature

Location: Ratchaburi, Thailand
Date: 9th April 2014
No. of trees planted: 500 Trees

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  • Reforestation
  • Increase habitat for wildlife
  • Combat climate change
  • CSR


Project Overview

The aim of this proposed project is to reforest unproductive land within Ratchaburi which have little remaining original vegetation on it and is covered with weeds. Existing trees will remain but weeds and grasses will be cleared to allow the planting of native tree species suitable to the local area to regenerate the soil, bring back a forest, and restore biodiversity to the area.

Ratchaburi province is in the western part of Thailand and borders Myanmar to the west of the province. The east part of the province contains the flat river plains of the Mae Klong River, crisscrossed by many khlongs. The west of the province is more mountainous, and includes the Tanawsri mountain range. As the mountains are made mostly of limestone, there are several caves containing stalactites. There western area is home to many of Thailand’s iconic wildlife, notable populations of Asian elephants and possibly a few of Thailand’s remaining wild tigers.

Despite large areas natural habitat in Ratchaburi, there is still a need to protect and expand the extent of forest cover within the area. Also it is essential local communities maintain a connection with the forest and see a benefit in preserving such a resource. A successful way of achieving both habitat restoration and improving community connection/management of forests is through the establishment of community forests. This typically involves dedicating an area of community land that will be used as the site of a community forest. This may involve expanding an existing area of community forest or establishing a ‘new’ forest from the ground up.

Project Details

Including up to 100 staff, DELACON, a world leading Phytogenic Feed Additives manufacturer, has joined Plant A Tree Today Foundation (PATT) to plant 500 trees at Baan Lankha Community Forest, Ratchaburi province, Thailand. This project was initiated with an aim of raising awareness on global warming issue that is resulting in rapidly higher world’s temperature and the increase in drought area globally.

The central aim of the proposed projects is essentially to reforest unproductive land at various locations around Thailand. In particular we have highlighted a number of locations that would benefit from environmental restoration work. This may be to provide increased habitat for wildlife, prevent erosion or to increase local access to forest products.

Participate with the communities in environmental activities can improve the quality of life for the communities. Therefore, providing a meaningful, fun and rewarding opportunity for participants to give back to the environment by volunteering their time to plant trees is our ultimate aim to be reached.

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