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Design Tree is helping re-green the Lungs of Bangkok

Location: Phra Pradaeng, Bangkok, Thailand
Date: 29th April 2015
No. of trees planted: 100 Trees

On Wednesday, 29th of April, PATT was super excited to take the amazing team from the Design Tree company planting trees at Phra Pradaeng in Bangkok. The Design Tree’s commitment to helping our environment and trying to make a change really impressed us at PATT. Besides coming to plant trees with us, they are also helping us with designing our promotion material, and they have truly talented team. The world would be a much better, greener and healthier place if we would have more companies like Design Tree.

The small team of 13 people, from really young one to a bit older ones, excitedly took on a challenge to learn how to plant trees even when it was scorching hot outside. They rolled up their sleeves and learned how to do the seeding before they had to carry small trees to the planting site. This was no easy task as each had to carry multiple trees over quite a great distance, but you can’t have a better exercise than that.

The Design Tree team really didn’t mind getting muddy when planting 100 trees near the water canals. And before we could blink, everything was done, all trees planted. With this speed Phra Pradaeng would be overgrown with native trees in no time. Their effort was rewarded at the end with cold juice made from butterfly pea and with the delicious simple lunch made from the ingredients found in the local area. The Design Tree did so well at the tree planting, that all its members deserved our green wristband for being “Green Heroes”. Thank you Design Tree for helping us plant more trees, and we hope you’ll get even more inspiration for your amazing designs out of this trip!

See More photo here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/126765567@N06/sets/72157649935508974/

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Design Tree is helping re-green the Lungs of Bangkok