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E-Lead Electronics leads the way to be green

Location: Phra Pradaeng, Bangkok, Thailand
Date: 17th May 2015
No. of trees planted: 100 Trees

On a hot Sunday, 17th of May, PATT was super excited to take the amazing team from the E-Lead Electronics to plant 100 trees at Phra Pradaeng in Bangkok. It is always great to see more environmental conscious companies like E-Lead, who care for our environment and battle climate change. The 40 staff from E-Lead, a mix of Thai and Taiwanese staff, teamed up and were determined to make a change with their bare hands, and their green spirits really impressed us at PATT.

The team was serious and dedicated when learning how to pot the little seedlings, taking great care not to damage them, and ensuring that they’ll grow for many more years to come. But when this work was over, it was time for relaxation and fun, taking pictures with their potted seedlings for the memory. And indeed E-Lead team looked lovely with those green shirts and trowels in their hands, like a true “Green Heroes”!

After that it was time for the main part of their activities – planting 100 trees next to the water canals. The E-Lead team really didn’t mind getting muddy and carried out their work with at most attention, only here and there you could notice some selfies with the planted trees taking place. They planted a special selection of tree species that grow fast, like brackish waters, and attract wildlife with their fruits and seeds. Before we could blink all trees were planted, and PATT was really excited to see new little forest in the making.

E-Lead’s hard work was rewarded at the end with a delicious lunch made from the local ingredients and cooked by the local community. Thank you E-Lead for helping us to plant more trees, and we hope you’ll get even more inspiration for your green contributions from this trip!
See More photo here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/126765567@N06/sets/72157653408675501

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E-Lead Electronics leads the way to be green