"Happy February with full of love and to celebrate Chinese New Year!! "

Early Learning Center in Phra Pradaeng

Today PATT and Early Learning Center joined forces to fight against global warming. After arival and short snack the students were ready and full of enthusiasm for a nature walk where they saw termite homes and learn why they are important in the tropical forests, fig trees, monitor lizard and very rare kingfisher bird. The students very so enthusiastic they did not mind the longer version of the natural trail.

In the nursery Kwan answer many clever question such as “How much carbon dioxide does one tree store in its lifetime? ” After question and answer moment the students picked the saps and instead of doing one each some of them did 9. (WELL DONE )

For the tree planting we had to walk part of the natural trail again but surprisingly there were no complains. Once at the planting site everybody got to plant one tree and we enjoyed it.

In the hot weather everybody hoped that next year will be thanks for their trip cooler.