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Earth Day and planting trees with the Village Educational Center (VEC)

Location: Suansri Park, Thailand
Date: 22nd April 2015
No. of trees planted: 30 Trees

To celebrate Earth Day PATT and The Village Educational Center (VEC) organized unique experience for the children at this school. VEC is a wonderful school for children with special needs with even more amazing staff and kids, and here at PATT we were more than happy to take these kids planting trees.

The day was very busy, but we haven’t heard even one complaint from children for being tired. Each of them wanted to contribute as much as they can to make our planet a better place. One of the children was on a wheelchair, but he was so determined to help reforest the area that even he managed to plant a tree by himself. At PATT, we are so proud of these kids; all of them really deserve the title “Green Heroes”.

Children went on an exciting nature trail where they learnt about the plants and animals living in this area, and even a huge spider hanging above their heads didn’t manage to scare them from learning more about our nature. They continued with potting little Siamese redwood trees which are very rare in Thailand today due to their highly-sought-after red wood. Teachers joined forces with their kids and job was done in no time.

But there was not yet time for rest. The hardest part followed – planting young trees. Children took this task very seriously and each of them planted at least one tree. They really wished their trees would grow big and strong so they also carefully watered them. Children were so proud of their trees and assured us that they’ll bring their parents to the park to see their green work.

After all this hard work it was time to feed the fish in the pond and have a tasty light lunch before we waved goodbye to this amazing kids. This was really the best Earth Day we had till now – we taught kids how to plant the trees, and they taught us about dedication, passion and curiosity towards nature. We are deeply grateful for that. Thank you VEC for bringing these kids planting trees with us, we at PATT really can’t wait to repeat this event in the future!

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Earth Day and planting trees with the Village Educational