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Eco camps for kids in Bangkok during the summer holiday

This summer during school holidays – PATT Foundation will be providing 1 night 2 day overnight camps, as well as Eco kids camps.

Khao Yai overnight camp

The residential will run throughout the summer holidays – from June 26th until 20th August. We will leave Bangkok every Monday 8:30 am and return Tuesday 5:30pm. The camp will be situated at the Khao Yai Sap Tia resort and once there the young people will engage in various activities, such as tree planting, GPS, orienteering, nature walks, camping and survival skills.

The camps have a holistic approach, which will encourage young people to learn about the environment, while developing social and life skills. Each camp will have its own programme of activities (although this will be flexible to the needs of individuals and voice and influence) and will enable young people to gain voluntary service with PATT Foundation. Although the camps are very informative and develop young people’s skills and knowledge, they also provide a fun safe environment; which is focused on supporting young people to build relationships, building self esteem and confidence. The camps are for children aged between 10 -14yrs.

PATT Summer programme of day camps

During school holidays PATT will be providing 1 – 3 day camps, running from 27th June to 25th August. Each day young people will attend a different activity. There is a 1 or 3 day option and the main focus of the activities is to enable young people to gain an awareness of the environment and nature. The camps are aimed at kids between 6yrs to 11yrs and the activities are fun and experiential. Here are some examples of the fun experiential activities:


Your child can visit Bang Pu to restore the mangroves and learn the significance they play in protection of the coast-ways, against Tsunami and storm surges…also learn about the unique ecosystem and how birds and organisms rely on the Mangroves.


Visit Phra Padaeng ( the lungs of Bangkok) to learn about the life cycle of the tree, planting seeds and pricking out saps in the nursery, planting trees in the community forest and participating in nature walks. Help PATT to save the planet one tree at a time


Rose Garden provides experiential activities which are fundamental to Thai culture, here we can learn how to cultivate rice, make pottery, learn how silk is produced, we can discover the ingredients used for the herbal massage ball, make Bio balls to clean the river…out of molasses and clay.


Khoa Kheow Zoo – here we learn about the animals natural habitat and behavior. We can learn which food certain animals eat and which are unpleasant for the digestive system…the most enjoyable part is getting to feed the animals.