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Eco-Forest Restoration Project – Northern Thailand

“Everyone wants to plant trees. How many of you want to do ‘AFTERCARE’?”

PATT Foundation started Eco-Forest Restoration Project in protected areas in Chiang Mai and wildlife sanctuary in Mae-Hong-Son, the upper North of Thailand which is the home of threatened wildlife such as ancient elephants, coupreys, bantengs and other wild animals which are very rare and close to disappear from Thailand forest.

We have planted 449,000 trees since 2011. Unfortunately, the supporter has financial restriction and cannot support until the rest of the project to complete. Consequently, PATT URGENTLY needs to raise fund to complete the ‘AFTERCARE’ procedure that includes Weeding, Firebreak cut, and Fire control. With your generous support, we can create the genuine forest, which helps to combat climate change, acts as the natural water catchment, and be the home for wildlife.

If you want to know more about the project, please visit Soneva Project