"Happy February with full of love and to celebrate Chinese New Year!! "

ECO Kids Camp June 21st – 25th



Day One 21st June 2010

Little ECO Stars started the day with learning about the SEA CREATUREs and how Man interference effects them indirectly. Then Little ECO Stars set-off to see the beauty of SEA CREATURES from Siam Ocean World. Knowledge of how fishes and mammals revolves around ECO-System.


Day Two 22nd June 2010

More learning about the Planets and Universe as Little ECO Stars lift off to Planetarium seeking answers on how OZone effects the climate of Mother Earth.


Day Three 23rd June 2010

Our ECO Stars armed with knowledge about the Water and Sky elements, they set off enthusiasitically planting Red Mangroves Saplings at Prah Padaeng, Song Kanong, Samut Prakan.


Day Four 24th June 2010

After a long hot day spend at Prah PaDaeng, Songkanong, Samut Prakan, Little ECO Stars were off to have some Rest &
Relax day, watching beautiful butterflies, cycling, Bird Spotting and playing some Team Building Games at Suan Rotfai Park.


Final Day Five 25th June 2010

Little ECO Stars sets off to the Bangpu Nature Recreation Centre, Samut Prakan. It was a day of fun filled activity learning about Mangroves trees and scrubs that protects mainland from erosion, storm surge specially during hurricanes and tsunamis) that grow on saline coastal areas. As little ECO Observers, they seek out plants, trees, little sea creatures that survives in the mangroves as its massive roots systems is efficient at dissapating wave energy.


With all the hard work, little ECO Stars having fun …………


Little ECO Stars having lunch at nearby restuarant …………..


Our Proud Little ECO Stars upon completion of their camps …..