"Happy February with full of love and to celebrate Chinese New Year!! "

ECOKids Camp 2012 vol. 1


This years first day at the ECOKids Camp took all the participants to our nursery in Khao Yai. The fun started on the way in the van where the kids played word games got to know each other.

After arrival at the nursery we all learnt something about the trees why they are important and what they need to grown properly which was followed by the potting of the seeds. The kids were divided into 2 groups where each group potted one seed tray.


This activity was over fast which allowed us to prick the saps where not everybody was enthusiastic but the kids dedicated their saps to different family members.


The nature was the biggest buzz kill since everybody was hungry. During the walk we saw several different animals and learn something new about old forests and how to plant trees to ensure they long term growth.


After really yummy lunch everybody hopped into the van and we went to plant some trees. Everybody got to plant 5 trees but we had the winner of the day when Oliver planted 9 trees.


Tree planting was not the last activity of the day we still needed to get the promised ice cream from the Dairy home on our way back.

The ice cream was a perfect finish to our day.