"Happy February with full of love and to celebrate Chinese New Year!! "

Ensure Your Green IMPACT

impact green We’re very pleased to announce a brand new partnership between the PATT Foundation and IMPACT Cases, a new startup out of the University of Manchester.

Their concept is simple:

“Smartphone cases that support the cause of your choice.
Choose your colour. Choose your IMPACT.”

They’ve partnered up with 4 different charities that each focus on a different global issue – AIDS Orphans, Water Sanitation, Poverty and Reforestation. Each charity is represented by a different colour IMPACT case, and 50% of the profits they make from each colour will be donated to the corresponding cause. So we’re hoping you guys all like green, as that’s our colour!

Show your friends and the world what causes you care about and support. Make an impact with your consumer choices. And choose Green for PATT!