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FedEx : The World on Green in the north

Location: Chaing Mai,Thailand
Donor: FedEx
Date: 8th September 2013
No. of trees planted: 700 Trees

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  • reforestation
  • local community development
  • combat climate change
  • CSR

Project Overview

FedEx Chiang Mai staff around 20 people spent their beautiful Sunday morning in Royal Project(Mon Cham) to plant 700 trees on 8th September 2013. This is part of FedEx Care program under FedEx together with PATT to do environmental activity all over Thailand.

The aim of the project is natural forest restoration, and to support the Royal Forestry Department (RFD), whilst also helping to restore the ecological diversity and focusing on involving the local communities in the process from the beginning to provide sustainable maintenance of the planted area.

Project Details

PATT Foundation aims to implement forest restoration projects that provide multiple benefits, primarily to establish quality habitat for wildlife, increase biodiversity and sequester carbon dioxide. We aim to “RESTORE” not just “REFOREST”. The long term aim is for the community to be employed in restoring managing and harvesting the area.

We would like to train and involve the local people (as well as benefiting from their own local knowledge on suitable species and history of the site) and work together on forest surveying, local seeds gathering and processing, tree maintenance, planting and aftercare. Particularly important is the need to ensure fire prevention, in order for planted trees to survive.

We would like to see local people involved with us on clearing firebreaks, and selecting fire prevention team as fire watch/fire petrol. The aftercare and maintenance for couple years after that is very crucial to certain the sustainability of forest restoration.

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