First PATT tree planting event with local community at Baan Unrak Foundation, Sanklaburi, Kanchanaburi

Location: Sanklaburi, Kanchanaburi , Thailand
Date: 27th May 2006
No. of trees planted: 500 Trees

The PATT Foundation ‘Baan Unrak Forest and Nursery Project’ supporting tree planting in rural Thailand. PATT, with the support of XL Results Foundation Magazine, supplied 500 seedlings to Baan Unrak School and Children’s Home in Sangklaburi, Kanchanaburi province, Thailand.

This is our first tree planting project with local organisation. Our Founder Andy Steel and his family joined that trip with Chris Doherty and Neil Smith. The 7 hours in minibus from Bangkok and long walk up hill was so worthwhile when they saw the smiles from children and local villagers who helped to plant trees on that day.

Mr. Andy our founder still remembered that great time there and would like to come back sometimes in the near future to see the forest we made together which will benefit to local communities and children at the Baan Unrak foundation.

This project is supported by:

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