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Food which is not eco-friendly vol. II

Today I would like to continue about food which is not very environmentally friendly. First for today is


If every American substituted one meal of chicken with vegetarian food, the carbon dioxide savings would equal to taking more than 0,5 million cars off U.S. roads was revealed by Environmental Defense Fund.

Some more findings about meat and the environment according to U.N. Food is below:

  • livestock created 18% of greenhouse gas emission (it is more than transportation)
  • Amazon forests were cleared to pasture cattle – 70%
  • livestock sector is the world´s largest source of water pollution – especially 1/3 off the nitrogen and phosphorus
  • once occupied by wildlife (about 30%) is now occupied by livestock which can be accounted for about 20% of land animals


Our figures are the only things hurt by fast food since the food comes with packaging, straws and plastic ware. Fast-food restaurants are the primary source of urban litter. It´s not only packaging that´s a problem. A study from Hong King claims that making 4 burgers created the same amount of organic waste as driving car 1,000 miles. Calculating carbon footprint of a cheeseburger: green house emissions created each year from the production and consumption is the same as emitted by 6,5 to 19,6 million SUVs.



The oil is found in about 10% of groceries – chips, crackers, candy, margarine, cereals and canned goods. This oil is considered the cheapest cooking oil and 40 million tons are created each year mainly in Indonesia and Malaysia where 30 square miles are destroyed every day. This includes wildlife and endangered species.