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Food which is not eco-friendly

Well I was surprised to find this out myself but apparently there is food which is not eco friendly. First of all it is



Half of the world´s population survives everyday on rice. It is also major calories source and the growing consumption related to 1/3 of the planet´s annual freshwater according to Oxfam.



As with human health risks, it was not likely that all the potential environmental harms of genetically modified foods have been identified, but there are some real concerns about GMOs. GMO bring not only risks for human life but for the biodiversity as well.

Making crop resistant to pest food for other animals could be damaged more over addition of strange genes to plants can become toxic for some animals that consume it. GMO can cause the spread of altered genes. The species wont necessary stay in the designated fields and mix with non-genetically modifies plants.

Some of the modified plants were created using bacteria and viruses which might adapt and create new diseases. the last for toady is



121 countries each year 145 million tons of sugar are produced and production on this scale influences the Earth. It can be blamed for more loss of biodiversity than other crop according to a report made in 2004 by World Wildlife Fund. Intensive use of water, pesticides and the polluted waste water which is used during the process of growing sugar can be blamed for the habitat destruction.