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Food By Phone: the first food on wheels in Asia to be offsetting the carbon emissions from their scooter deliveries


Food By Phone was established in 1998 by Marc Hagelauer and Rungrudee Suwannake as a high-end restaurant delivery service in Bangkok. In the last few years, Food by Phone has emerged as not just the most successful business of its kind in Thailand, but as the first food on wheels in Asia to be carbon free.

Starting last year, Food By Phone has offset all of the carbon emissions from their delivery scooters. In this effort, their donation to PATT Foundation planted a total of 98 trees in 2010. Food By Phone delivers to one’s home or office from over 90 restaurants of diverse cuisine as well as a minimart. So, feel like a night in? Concerned about driving all the way to a restaurant only to wait for a table, pay extra for drinks and VAT tax, and then fight the traffic back home again? Food By Phone is your solution, an environmentally friendly solution, offsetting their carbon emissions with PATT Foundation again in 2011.