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Forestry Operation Assistant position – Chiang Mai

Job description for Forestry Operation Assistant position

About PATT and its concept

Plant a Tree Today (PATT) Foundation works to take action against deforestation and climate change through native forest restoration. We aim to raise awareness of global environmental issues and campaign for better environmental practices. PATT Foundation was founded in 2005 and is a UK Registered Charity and Thai Foundation.

About carbon offset concept, the actions of individuals, companies and nations as a whole are all generating carbon emissions, which are unequivocally linked to the climate change crisis the planet is facing. The first step to taking effective action is to reduce your carbon footprint. However being totally carbon neutral through personal lifestyles changes or changes to business practices may not at present be achievable for the majority of us. What’s left over after implementing low carbon practices can be offset through a variety of methods?

Tree planting has been shown to be a viable way to offset carbon emissions. However planting trees to offset carbon has been the centre of some fierce debate over the years. Nonetheless through such constructive debate the consensus is that tree planting is a valid tool to tackle climate change and one of only a few methods that actually remove existing CO2 from the atmosphere. Through quality research on carbon forestry we are now able to determine criteria that influence the success and benefits achieved through tree planting. For example low latitude tropical forests sequester far more carbon than a northern latitude temperate forest. Here at PATT foundation we aim to provide a viable means to offset carbon through forest restoration. We only initiate carbon offset projects is areas where there is sound empirical evidence to show that a net removal of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere will be achieved.

In 2010, PATT has carried out a survey and feasibility study to deliver such forest restoration project in northern Thailand. With the main financial support from Six Sense Resort & Spa, PATT has finally has started a forest restoration project with a national park in the north at the beginning of 2011. The project aims to deliver 250,000 seedlings planted within 2011and protected for at least 30 years in the national park area. A PATT field operational office and nursery were established recently in Chiang Mai area and are looking for interested & motivated staff to join its mission.

The candidate should have/be:

  • Thai national
  • Bachelor degree (forestry preferred)
  • Fluent in English
  • At least 3-4 years experience in forestry related fields
  • Knowledge of local tree species (preferable)
  • Driving license
  • Computer literacy (windows Microsoft office)

The person holding this position will be responsible for:

Tree nursery for local forest species – nursery preparation & operation, seedling production (seeds collecting, germination, seedling care, fertilization, pest management, irrigation)

Tree planting – site survey, vegetation survey, site preparation and demarcation, planting strategies, after planting care (fertilization, weeding and fire prevention)

Working together with Community Operational Assistant in communicating and coordinating with local government officials – negotiation for acquisition of new planting areas according to planting plans, development of required project documents according to related Thai laws and regulations, as well as, implementing needed project tasks in a diplomatic manner in order to achieve the objectives and goal together.

Monitoring the performance of planted seedlings and the implemented project works – providing input in planning, implementing the monitoring plan and following up the progress of project modules, where frequent planting site visits will be needed


  • Salary would be commensurate to work experience
  • Group health insurance
  • Annual leave and holidays according to national holiday and the organization’s calendar

The candidate should prepare and send:

  • CV together with passport size picture
  • Cover letter

Contact us by E-mail: info@archive.pattfoundation.org or the mobile phone: +66 (0) 2259 6455