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Great Day with Great People from Khiri Travel at the Green Lung of Bangkok, Phrapadaeng

Location: Phra Padaeng, Thailand
Date: 22nd October 2015
No. of trees planted: 80 Trees

With the good breezy day with sun and cloud on 22nd of October, the 20 personnel from Khiri Travel, Thailand arrived to Phrapadaeng for a green travel to plant 80 trees!

We started the day by visiting the ancient Mon temple which is about 200 years old. Then we marched to see the “urban oasis” just next door to Bangkok.

The atmosphere was so great with full of smiles and happiness. After the talk about the history of the place, we started to learn from the beginning from seed sowing. As Sue, PATT Project Executive potted the seed for Jose Mourinho the guy she would like to pot the seed for. Christian also wanted to pot the seed for his beloved team Manager, Slaven Bilic. The other Chelsea lady also potted the seed for her team and we had a great chat about English football apart from environment.

We managed to plant 80 trees with great fun and jolly time. All of them helped each other when they need to across the little canal at the raised burrows that we planted trees there.

After tree planting, the reward is coming! The “Miangkham” snack was delivered and everyone enjoyed them a lot.

At PATT Foundation we were really thankful for your support. Also huge thanks to the community members who shared us the love to the mother earth and also delicious “Miangkham Snack”.

See more photos here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/126765567@N06/albums/72157659933799009

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