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Green Celebrities:Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz  

“Do you know where your food, your water come from? Do you worry about the environment? What would it take for you to become more involved?” Are the first questions which she asks in her 5-minute YouTube -friendly film, directed by Jesse Dylan”

It’s the planet, you know what I mean? She should be the one—she should be a star. How do we make this little planet of ours a big star? I want everybody to know who she is.” Cameron Diaz Interview – Cameron Diaz on the Environment -Marie Claire

All the celebrities have publicists but Earth does not so Cameron decided to become one. When people hear celebrities talking about the environment and how we can afford solar panels we go right that is high on my priority list ( I would like to have them but I don’t have spare $5000 lying around). Cameron Diaz is one of the few celebrities who does not talk but acts. She comes from Long Beach, California and waste from town´s refinery was dumped in her neighborhood. She goes around introducing the environment to people differently than everybody else.

Instead of telling people what to do she shows them how in touch with nature they are and lets them choose how they want to help.

Her environmental activities started in 2004/2005 when she became a host of MTV show called Trippin which was focused on ecology and conservation. Cameron follows an eco-friendly lifestyle – recycled and reused products, use of energy -efficient home appliances, minimal lightning and offsets her travelling. As all eco-friendly celebrities she uses Prius car (supposedly prevents global warming).

She is part of Al Gore´s Cause who is former Vice President of the US and currently a green celebrity who recruits thousands of people to spread the enlightenment about global warming.

In the future she would like to try eat self-cultivated food for one year. Different to other celebrities her activities draw in media attention and she acts on it.