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Green Celebrities:Leonardo DiCaprio

First celebrity in our list is

Leonardo DiCaprio

“Nature is my big passion. That is the reason why one of this season I’m not filming. Yes, I’m more active becomes more and more active as an environmentalist in accordance call me,” Taken from Hollywood.com

Leonardo yearly offsets his carbon footprint which makes him one of the greenest celebrities he also has his own environmental foundation called – Leonardo DiCaprion Foundation which was established in 1998. His Foundation works on environmental and humanitarian issues which include Wildlife Protection, Forest Preservation, Healthy Oceans, Water Access, Renewable Energy, Disaster Relief and most importantly Climate Change. He lends his acting talents to environmental projects like the climate change documentary The 11th Hour

(which he wrote, co-produced and narrated) and produced the next eco-friendly reality program “Greensburg” which will air on the Discovery Channel’s Planet Green. The reality program chronicles the green rebuilding of a town in Kansas that was destroyed by a tornado.
Leonardo serves on board of several international organizations like WWF (World Wildlife Fund), The Natural Resources Defense Council, International Fund for Animal Welfare and Global Green USA.