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HIOKI Celebrates their GREEN POINT by planting trees in Kanchanaburi to show their respect to Humanity and contribute to society.

Location: Tha Thung Na Dam, Chong Sadao, Kanchanaburi, Thailand
Date: 14th October 2015
No. of trees planted: 200 Trees
Donor : HIOKI

This is the second year for their partnership between HIOKI and PATT Foundation to celebrate their green point campaign by planting trees. This year we did in Kanchanaburi to join with the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT) and the local school kids in Tha Thung Na Village.

HIOKI also planted trees in Nagano, Japan for more than 90,000 trees trees and now this is time to share their contribution to society throughout the world.

On the 14th of October 2015, about sixty people whom 13 are from HIOKI Singapore, Thailand, and Japan together with 20 students from Chongsadao School and 30 EGAT staff from Tha Thug Na Dam helped to plant 200 trees with 15 various native tree species next to the reservoir at Tha Thung Na Dam which generates electricity that support people in Central Thailand and also support the livelihoods to the people who live here such as water and also fisheries. The local villagers helped back by protecting the forest and restore them that help to generate water to River Kwai of Kanchanaburi.

This is part of their “Green Point” campaign which every 10 points, they will plant one tree with PATT Foundation.

We had very good time and we shared our passion to show our respect to nature and share to society and community with involving students and EGAT people to join the activities. HIOKI also presented footballs, dry bags and as well as McDonald to all the kids. Of course, they love it!! The local community also prepared some Thai food and Ice-cream as the refreshment after tree planting!

Domo Arigato to all of HIOKI staff. We were so grateful to have you to join us to make a better world for the next generation together. See you next year!

See more photos here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/126765567@N06/albums/72157660099020701

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