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Depending on whether you want to act independently or get your whole company or school involved, you can take action today with PATT Foundation. Just click on one of the options below that best describes you and get ready to take the next step in “going green!”.

Company Forest


Saving the Planet...One Tree at a Time


School Tree Nursery



Taking Action as a Business

PATT has formed partnerships with a number of companies to enable us to better implement our activities. Through providing not just funding but also skills, services and connections, these companies can help us bring about real environmental change.

Plant A Company Forest

We aim to raise funds for our reforestation work through corporate sponsorship. Businesses have an opportunity to receive naming rights on projects they fund completely and there is considerable scope to use the project for staff social events, volunteering opportunities and for publicity purposes.

Corporate team building and events

Looking for a new and exciting corporate function, networking or team building event while having a positive impact on the environment? Either way, you and your staff, customers, investors, executives, etc. will benefit from a day out in nature together, doing something positive for the environment. Or, invite PATT to your office to conduct environmental trainings.

Company planting in Khao Yai
Raimon Land

Go Carbon Free

Save money AND Help the Earth! What business could refuse this combination? Many parts of your company’s operations have a negative effect on the environment in relation to global warming. By identifying these, reducing where possible, and calculating the scale to which they contribute to your environmental impact, we can begin the process of making them clean and green.

Sponsor Us

Levels of Sponsorship available include becoming a distinguished PATT Foundation Supporter or sponsorship on a Project Basis. The latter may be Village Development Projects, Tree Nurseries, Education Scholarships, Vehicle Sponsorships

Encourage Your Eco-friendly Customers

No matter what your business is, there is a way to make it more environmentally friendly. Teaming with the right nonprofit to fulfill CSR goals can present significant opportunities to show your target market and competitors that you are a leader in green business.

If you want your business to be ahead of the pack, you have to anticipate your customers’ changing needs. Environmental concerns are only getting stronger and now is the time to act. Combine product sales with tree planting, go paperless, get your customers involved, make a connection with them on something they really care about. There are a number of ways to engage your greener customers.

Green minds think alike


Taking Action as an Individual

Speak Up!

Governments have the power to protect large areas of natural resources such as forests. However, big business such as land developers may put pressure on your representatives to go easy on environmental restrictions. Write a letter to your representatives today and have your voice heard about environmental legislation.

Volunteer Speak UP

Be a PATT Fundraiser

Be a PATT Fundraiser

Fundraising is an important factor in realising our ambitions to plant 1 million trees. We do our best, but always welcome help in this area. Do you have a passion for supporting environmental projects? Do you live in a community and have a network of family and friends? Then this could be an awesome way for you to make your contribution to a greener Earth.

We have several resources at your disposal to help you with fundraising ideas, events, etc. Tax benefits are also available for UK residents. Not to mention, fundraising on behalf of PATT is a great way to raise awareness about deforestation and climate change issues in your community. All it takes is some enthusiasm, a bit of planning, and you are on your way to making an impact! Facebook, Twitter, Events, commission fundraising letter, school campaign, press release, etc.

Go Carbon Free

Reducing your emissions is a vital part of combating climate change. We encourage everyone to be aware of their energy usage and its effects, and take steps to reduce this. What remains can be offset through our Carbon Free programme. Click here for PATT’s top 20 tips on how to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint.

Go Carbon Free



Whether it be £10 or £1,000 your donation is very important to us. There are over 6 billion people on earth according to the Population Reference Bureau so if even a small fraction of us donated £10 each, we could reach our goal of planting one million trees. Imagine the wildlife, food, medicines, and oxygen we would have from that many trees in quality forestry sites! Currently we have planted (Tree Counter – need number) trees.

Do your bit today and add to that count with any of the following: General Donation, Plant a Tree), Carbon Offset, Sponsor an EcoKid, Annual Giving


If you like to travel and are passionate about environmental conservation, planting trees, and combating climate change, we need you! Plant A Tree Today (PATT) Foundation is happy to have enthusiastic volunteers from around the world join us here in Thailand. In our Environmental Outreach and Advocacy programme, you would primarily do community and school outreach to inspire others to plant more trees and take action to care for our environment.

In our education program, you will help supervise kids in our environmental school events. With the help of volunteers placed around the country, we can get all of Thailand moving toward a greener way of life.



Taking Action as a Student or School

Plant a Tree Today (PATT) Foundation believes that children represent the future of our planet and educating them on the environment is therefore critical to building a better future for us all. PATT Foundation Thailand aims to deliver environmental education programmes that provide children with exciting and interactive encounters which enhance their appreciation for, and understanding of, their environment, so that they will be lifelong stewards of the earth.

Tree Planting Trip

Your class can plant trees at one of our reforestation sites. PATT will provide all tools and instruction. This can be a half-day or full day event. Overnight trips can also be arranged for our site in Khao Yai. Longer trips will include additional environmental activities. Costs vary according to length of trip and class size.

EcoKids Planting Trees
Invite PATT to your School:
Reduce Emissions

Reduce your School’s Carbon Footprint

Be kind to the environment and save money by reducing your CO2 emissions and environmental impact.

School Tree Nursery

Establishment of a nursery at your school and an integrated environmental kit with handbook and curriculum links for hands-on learning.

“Fun” Raising with Fundraising

  • Sponsor an EcoKids Camp: Allow 10 children from underprivileged backgrounds to take part in an EcoKids Camp = THB 80,000 (Five days with different programme each day.)
  • Sponsor one underprivileged child to participate in a 3 Days EcoKids Camp = THB 5,000
  • Sponsor Us – Make Plant A Tree Today your charity of choice. Or sponsor a Thai school.

Educational Workshops

The workshop includes education on climate change, carbon footprints and energy reduction and teaches practical skills to help students initiate environmentally friendly practices at school and at home. Costs may vary.

Sponsored Walk