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In order to reach our goal of planting one million trees, we are in need of constant support from donors. Your generous donations will go towards not only combatting climate change by planting trees, but implementing environmental education programs for children, helping establish development projects in rural villages as well as help our daily operations run smoothly.

Small donations make a huge difference to us, and we would appreciate your help with creating more awareness regarding the rising issues of climate change. Whether you are an individual offering a personal donation, a business wanting to fund a cause or general fundraising and awareness; we appreciate your help.

With only 10.00 GBP we are able to plant, maintain and fully take care of one tree as it grows to produce oxygen and sequester carbon for our planet. It’s not much compared to the standard cost of living and every little bit helps.

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Ways To Donate


Whether it is 10 pounds, or 10,000, your donation makes a difference. If you are feeling the rush of inspiration right now, to make a quick and easy, yet meaningful contribution to the preservation of forests and the life connected to them… Or maybe you are simply willing to give up going to the cinema one night and wait for the DVD release in order to do something positive for the environment. Either way, you can be proud of yourself for doing a good thing! Are you ready? DONATE now.

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Annual or Monthly

Trees are living things. They need ongoing care, especially when they are young. Watering, weeding, just enough shade, just enough sunlight, etc. all have to be ensured. If you want to be in it for the long haul and give a gift that keeps on giving, why not make giving a regular thing? Each month or each year, donate an amount you choose to help save our forests and make the world a better place to live in. Making a positive impact is just a few clicks away. Click to donate MONTHLY or ANNUALLY

Ask Others to Donate

Write a quick email to friends and family and give them the donation LINK. Tell them why planting trees is important and why it is important to you, specifically. Or do some fundraising ACTIVITIES in your community to collect donations on their behalf. The point is that you are raising awareness among the people you know and may inspire them in the process.

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