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Interesting human inflicted facts vol. III

The public transportation that we have is a wreck. The U.S. continues to promote and invest in private car travel rather than public transportation.
The human population of the world is expected to be nearly tripled by the year 2100.
The world’s per capita grain production has been on the downfall since 1985 despite the use of fertilizers and pesticides.
Already a train system has been developed (back in 1987) which is based on magnetic levitation and causes minimal pollution. These versions of a train are already in use in several countries.
Fibre optics, made of glass, are being used to replace copper cables throughout the world.
The uncontrolled fishing that is allowed has reduced the amount of commercial species. Some species, up to one-tenth of their original population.
Every day 50 to 100 species of plants and animals become extinct as their habitat and human influences destroy them.