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JCI: Bangkok starts to save Khao Yai National Park for Green Future, together with PATT

Location: Khao Yai National Park, Thailand
Date: 4 April 2015
No. of trees planted: 100 Trees

On hot but breezy Saturday 4th of April 2015, the JCI (Junior Chamber International) Bangkok members marched up to PATT Nursery in Khao Yai since the early morning to learn about how to save the forest and plant 100 trees. The main coordinator Mr. Link is the guy who organized this JCI event which got sponsored by Shinyu, Mittare Insurance, Sasin (EMBA 14), and GES.

All members and volunteers after registered then helped to tie the tree tags to all 200 trees which have 16 native species such as Burmese Rosewood,  Neem , Soapnut, Hog-plum, Jasmine tree, and etc.

After that, the fun nursery activities were started from seeds sowing then seedling potting. The seedling that we pot on that day was “Makha Tree” or “Burmese Rosewood” The activity that all volunteers’ loved the most was when they wrote down the name of the person that they wanted to dedicate the tree to, as you can see that the best way to learn to save nature is through learning to love others.

The hardest part was coming after with quite a walk and climbing up the hill to plant trees in real condition which aimed to create the living fence which will protect the forest from people and create the better home for wildlife.

The little boy Mika, Alan, and Diego were so enjoyed tree planting with the support from their moms as well as the little girl who came with her dad. Thank all of JCI: Bangkok members and volunteers for your great work! Hope to plant trees with you again soon!

See More photo here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/126765567@N06/sets/72157651398938220/

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JCI: Bangkok starts to save Khao Yai National Park for Green Future, together with PATT