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Khao Yai Residential 23rd – 24th July

23rd and 24th July Overnight Residential to Khao Yai.

Overnight Residential 23rd - 24th July

The PATT staff and children attending the camp, left Bangkok at 9:00am Monday morning, arriving in Khao Yai (Sap Tai) at 12 noon. First the group unpacked and then met for lunch in the cabbages and condoms restaurant….after lunch the first activity – was to work in the PATT nursery. Here we planted seeds and pricked out seedlings, and discussed the importance of trees along with the life cycle. The children also learnt how planting native trees and collecting seeds from the forest, improves the biodiversity and ecosystems.

After the tree nursery activity, the children planted trees in the rain forest…they used GPS to mark the trees location and dedicated a tree in their own name…this is to enable them to visit Google Earth and find the exact location of the tree they planted. After tree planting the children went for a swim in the pool and thoroughly enjoyed the slide!! Later we had a camp fire and BBQ, which was good fun and luckily the rain held off.

The next day we all met at breakfast, some of the young people looked a little sleep deprived!…I’m not sure why! We then went on a nature trail. 8 Points had been marked along the nature trail and the young people had to find them, using GPS and a compass. Along the way we learnt interesting facts about the medicinal and every day uses – of some of the trees on the nature walk…such as the…In Thailand they have their own toothbrush tree named “Siamese Rough Bush”.

The powder is used in many herbal toothpaste and tooth powder..The inside part of the twigs are used as chewing sticks in India and middle Eastern countriesSiamese rough bush or Streblus asper is a tree known by several common names, including Siamese rough bush, khoi, and toothbrush tree. It is a medium-sized tree native to dry regions in Thailand, India, Malaysia, and Vietnam.

The next activity was basic survival skills, the young people learnt how to keep themselves safe, collect drinking water and signal if they were ever lost in the forest. We then had our last swim in the pool, and play on the slide…then packed and headed for the Dairy home farm for lunch and Ice-cream! The group arrived back in Bangkok for 5:00pm….we all had a great time!