"Happy February with full of love and to celebrate Chinese New Year!! "

Local Thai Celebrity, Boss & Nue, endorsers PATT Foundation

Friday 7th January 2011, Local Thai Celebrities, Boss & Nue endorsed PATT Foundation at Horwang School, LhaoPhrao…. Picture from left to right (Ms Nue, AF Celebrity, Ms Kwan, PATT’s Assistant Country Manager, Mr Boss, AF Celebrity and Ms Shustdhanutt Amonsukon aka May)

Local Thai Celebrity, Boss, performing to Horwang students under the Hot Sunny Day.

Students are greatly excited after answering pop quiz of ecology given by PATT and getting special gifts from Boss & Nue (AF7) on Eco-School Tourday at Horwang School .

Sponsor Love Milk also supported with FREE drinks quenching thirst on a hot day for the students of Horwang School.

PATT Foundation’s booth at Horwang School

Picture from Left to Right …. Mr Noel Phyo Kyaw aka NOEL, Mr Sothon Yem aka TAKA, Ms Shin Hae aka SHIN, Ms Natcha Jitrath aka MAII, Ms Kwanjai Satchatham aka KWAN, Ms Rasita N. aka ICE and Ms Truong Thuy Thien Huong aka TACEY

Horwang students with their interest reading on PATT Foundation’s Brochures.

Awesome sight of our booth packed with Horwang School answering POP Quiz.

One Proud Quiz Winner

PATT Foundation would like to thank ABAC University students from INTERVALID GROUP

  • 1] Ms Eri Kubota aka ERI
  • 2] Ms Truong Thuy Thien Huong aka TACEY
  • 3] Ms Natcha Jitrath aka MAII
  • 4] Mr Noel Phyo Kyaw aka NOEL
  • 5] Mr Sothon Yem aka TAKA
  • 6] Ms Shustdhanutt Amonsukon aka MAY
  • 7] Ms Shin Hae Choi aka SHIN
  • 8] Ms Rasita N. aka ICE

Thank You Eri, Tacey, Maii, Ice, Shin, May, Noel & Sothon for your efforts in creating awareness as well as campaigning for this event. Last but not least, we also would like to thank event photographers / video man …..

  • a] Felix Kyi Chit Ko
  • b] Bosco Wai Lwin Oo

Last but not least, PATT Foundation would like to thank HORWANG SCHOOL Staff & Teachers including President, Principal, Vice Principals for making this GREAT EVENT possible….. THANK YOU STAFF & TEACHERS.

Our next Eco-School Tour will be on January 18th, 2011 at Samsen Wittayalai School….. For more information, please visit our facebook as well as this link