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Making a difference with the green POSCO company

Location: Bang Pu, Thailand
Date: 23rd May 2015
No. of trees planted: 255 Trees

On Friday, 23rd of May, PATT was super excited to take the amazing team from the POSCO family planting mangrove trees at Bang Pu near Bangkok. Bang Pu planting site is really special as you have to get into the knee high mud in order to plant trees. But at the same time planting in Bang Pu is really important as trees help clean the water and protect the communities living there from tidal waves. POSCO recognized the importance of such mangrove forests, and spent the whole day planting trees and cleaning the garbage from the area.

The day started with the demonstration of the tree species growing in Bang Pu. This involved also some tasting by POSCO team, as leaves from mangroves turn salty due to brackish waters in which they grow. But learning of the importance of Bang Pu didn’t end here – team was taken on a nature walk through the mangrove forests to meet the special wildlife existing there. This involved numerous birds, crabs, and amazing amphibians that can live both in the water and on the dry land. The walk ended with the views from the long hanging bridge above the forest.

Now that they learnt about the significance of these forests, it was time to plant some mangroves on the degraded seaside land. POSCO team had to get into the knee high mud, and get their hands and clothes all dirty. Being cautious at first, they soon realized that walking in the mud can be really fun. And when the last tree was planted one could see only smiles and happiness for giving something back to our environment.

After thorough washing and restoring of the energy with the delicious lunch, POSCO team was not yet ready to finish their green day. Seeing all the garbage throughout the forest on their earlier walk, they wanted to help clean it. In the end they gathered a huge pile of picked-up garbage, and we can be sure that animals and plants living there were really grateful for this. Thank you POSCO for helping us plant more trees, at PATT we are really happy that we had a chance to take such an amazing team on the tree planting trip!

See More photo here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/126765567@N06/sets/72157653003986048

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Making a difference with the green POSCO company