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Merck and PATT tree plantation on 10/10/10 in 3 Indian states


Merck is in the business of Pharmaceuticals and chemicals. Merck sincerely believes in bringing about a change in society and supports the triple bottom line concept.

Merck and PATT tree plantation project in the Three Indian states on the 10th October 2010 turned out to be a huge success. The plantation project was simultaneously flagged off in the states of Mumbai, Bengaluru and Goa at 10:00 am with the help of more than 300 Merck and PATT volunteers.

The Mumbai event kicked off with tea and lemonade in the morning. Guests and volunteers were greeted and introduced by Vaijayanti Karande who is also the manager of corporate communications at Merck. It was followed by a brief talk by the Mr. Marek Dziki, Managing Director, Merck, Commodore A.K. Sinha, CEO, INS Hamla and Mr. Vashitwa Mishra, Country Manager, PATT. Sage foundation chairperson and philanthropist Mrs. Maya Shahani was also present along with Dr. Rajeev Chawathe who is a PHD in landscaping and tree plantation. Commander Sunil Tyagi and Commander Rajendra Kumar were coordinating the project on INS Hamla unutilized ground.

Dr. Marek Dziki planted the first sapling at 10: 10 am followed by Commodore A.K. Sinha. In the next one and half hour Merck volunteers made the most of the time by planting coconut saplings. Pits were pre dug to assist the volunteers on project to plant the maximum number of trees. Within the One and half hour of tree plantation activity, the volunteers managed to plant 250 saplings in the area.

In Goa the plantation was organized on land owned by Mr. Tukaram Ramchandra Prabhu who is passionate plantation enthusiast himself. Mr. Prakash Patil coordinated the Goa tree plantation project ensuring a smooth plantation with the help of Merck, Goa volunteers.

Mr. V.K. Nair. Mr. Nair provided land for plantation in Bengalur. Mr. Nair is a coconut tree plantation expert with more than 40 years of experience with him. Mr. Joman coordinated the event in Bengaluru making it a success and a great plantation day for Merck Bengaluru volunteers.

To ensure the survival rate of 90%, good quality saplings were selected with height of at least 4 feet. The survival rate offered by PATT is the highest in the country. The pits were more than 2 feet deep. Manure was added in the pits to help the sapling find roots in the initial months. The plantation will be regularly supervised by PATT volunteers.

1010 saplings were planted in Mumbai, 500 in Bengaluru and 510 were planted in Goa as part of this project. A total of 2000 saplings were supposed to be planted as part of the project while PATT managed to exceed the target by systematic and organized planning. This is also an achievement of sorts since never before has a plantation project been undertaken in 3 different Indian states before.

As part of the same initiative, Merck has also planted 10,000 trees in Thailand. This unique tree plantation project was a great success and Merck have promised to support future tree plantation initiatives internationally with PATT.