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Every year in November the number of mustaches increases significantly around the world. The reason for this is to raise funds and awareness for men´s health the main focus is on prostate cancer and testicular cancer.

How can you get involved?

Register at www.movember.com and the participant (Mo Bro) begin the 1st of November with a clean shaven face. The mustache is grown and groomed for the entire month however the sideburns can not be joined with the mo (its considered a beard), the handlebars can not be joined to the chin ( considered a goatee) and each Mo Bro must conduct himself like a true gentleman.

At the end off the month Mo Bros and Mo Sistas celebrate with their own Movember parties or attend Gala Partés.

This is an example how a mustache is grown throughout the month.

In our office several colleagues participate in the movement as well as PATT´s founder – Mr. Andrew Steel – you can support his cause by following this link http://uk.movember.com/mospace/1999190

At the end of the month please click back to see all the results.